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Study Medicine in Bulgaria

Studying medicine in Bulgaria is becoming an increasingly popular option for EU students due to the cheaper tuition fees, the quality lifestyle and cheap living costs in the country.

Bulgaria has been a member of the EU since 2007 and as such, the diplomas that obtained on graduation are fully recognised in all EU countries.

Bulgaria has strong traditions in medical studies and its universities are among the most reputable ones in the EU and beyond. Medical programmes are offered in English which is a great opportunity for foreign students. Tuition fees are relatively low and funding is also offered by certain financial institutions in Bulgaria.

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Study Medicine in Bulgaria


Guaranteed admission to universities of your choice and enlarging learning opportunities.



As a student at one of the Medical Universities you can receive funding for the tuition fees through four financial institutions in Bulgaria.



We offer entries in our Medical Universities, without any exams.



After graduation, your medical degree will be recognized anywhere you choose to go work.

Tuition fees to Study Medicine

Tuition fees to Study Medicine

Tuition fees for Medicine in English, Dentistry in English and Pharmacy in English courses at Bulgarian Medical Universities for 2016/2017:

  • General Medicine: 6 year programme, €4,000 per semester (approx. GBP 3,500 depending on the daily currency rate)
  • Pharmacy: 5 year programme, €4,000 per semester (approx. GBP 3,500 depending on the daily currency rate)
  • Dentistry: 6 year programme, €4,000 per semester (approx. GBP 3,500 depending on the daily currency rate)

No student loans for EU citizens are available at the moment through the Bulgarian banks towards the tuition fees. The only bank still accepting applications is Postbank but the success rate is very low.

Students should consider the fact that they may not be able to secure a loan when coming to study in Bulgaria.

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Guaranteed entry to the Medical Universities in Bulgaria

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